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All You Need to Know About Working with Instagram Influencers



If you’ve been considering using Instagram influencer marketing for your brand, there’s never been a better time. Incorporating influencer marketing into your overall strategy, when executed right, can massively increase brand awareness, grow your audience, and in turn drive sales.

Instagram’s algorithms ensure that posts are shown to their 800million users based on engagement as appose to chronological order, which means paid advertising and influencer marketing is more important than ever. As discussed in our (brilliant) podcast on influencers (*insert podcast link*), this form of marketing is crucial as it removes the barriers of traditional advertising and intertwines your brand with a more trustworthy source, almost like an recommendation from a friend. Now, let’s delve into the exciting world of Instagram influencers…


Do your research and check their quality of followers

It’s essential that you’re reaching out to influencers that are relevant to your brand, if you’re trying to engage with an influencer who reviews tech when you’re selling shoes, then we have a problem…

Start by reviewing your own target audience, what are their interests? Match up your target audience’s personality with the personality of the proposed influencer, are they likely to trust this person? They should be relevant & combined with the trust and authority of the influencer, this will push people to conversation. Don’t be afraid to look at who your competitors are working with for inspiration. Hashtag searching is also a great way of matching up certain topics and interests to people.

Generally, you’ll want to be seeing an engagement rate of 2-3% on influencers posts, a ratio of 4-6%. To work this out, say they have a following of 2,500, the ‘engagement’ is measured by the likes and comments combined per post, divided by the following. So, let’s say the amount of comments + amount of likes = 147, take this magical number, divide it by the followers, e.g 147 / 2,500, and then times by 100 to get your percentage.

Comments + likes = 147

147 / 2,500 x 100 = 5.88%

Buying followers is extremely easy, so people who appear to be influencers may have followers with fake accounts, which won’t do anything for your brand. Review all of the social platforms that this person is present on, do their likes to following ratio match up? If this person has a following of 10,000 and is getting 20 likes per post, this paints a clear picture that they aren’t the real deal. 













Micro Influencers

Micro influencers usually range from followings of 1,000 – 100,00 on Instagram. They usually have a niche with visual appeal, such as fashion, art, travel, food etc, the more narrow their niche, the more concentrated their audience. Instagram’s great for micro-influencers as the use of hashtags and geo tagging makes it very easy for their audiences to communicate around their niches.

In addition to their more targeted audiences, micro-influencers can also be very beneficial to work with as apposed to mega-influencers as they’re seen as more personable and invested in their online presence to reflect their interests. It’s been proven that micro-influencers have 22.2 times more conversations than typical users, they’re not only engaging with the right audiences but they’re also interacting significantly more.

The Process

A lot of Instagram influencers work with brands as their full time job, and even if they don’t, they’ll always be happy to know a brand wants to work with them. However, they’re much more likely to accept the offer if you approach them thoughtfully as apposed to a copy and pasted mass email, comment on things that they’ve done that you love, mention why you think their followers will be interested in your brand.

You have two options for the initial approach – email or direct message. If they have their email address in their bio, we’d strongly suggest that you contact them through that, it’s more professional, plus, new contact DM’s have to go through requests, so they may not receive this as swiftly! However, if an influencer doesn’t provide their email, this suggests they work off their direct messages, so judge each connection individually…


Before making an agreement with an Instagram influencer, ensure you have your budget set, in your opening email ask for their rates and what they offer for this price, in return they may say £100 for 1x post & 2x stories etc. Rates are variable based on followers, engagement, and the individual influencer, but this can often be negotiated, and often influencers with a lower audience will be open to doing a collaboration on a gifting basis.

Disclosing Sponsored Posts According to ASA Rules

The Advertising Standards Authority has clamped down on consumer protection rules after influencers and celebrities failing to disclose sponsored content on Instagram. If you want to ensure your marketing is successful, you’ll need to follow the ASA’s guidelines. Essentially, an influencer it obliged to disclose an endorsement with a business. This can be done in a number of ways – commonly influencers will hashtag #ad or #sponsored, or for a more authentic looking way of doing this you can hashtag the brand name and partner e.g #CunningPlan_Partner. As long as it is clear to the audience that the influencer is working with your brand and you are not misleading them, you’re all good.

Tracking Success Rates

In order establish what is working well for the benefit of future campaigns, it is essential to analyse your content. You’ll need to measure the amount of traffic being directed to your website via the content, along with how much engagement posts are getting through likes, comments and shares. Evaluate whether your goals have been achieved, and if not, why?

Re-marketing is a clever way to reconnect with visitors to your website who may not have made an immediate purchase, vastly increasing your chances of a high ROI. Re-marketing allows you to position targeted ads in front of a defined audience that have previously visited your website as they browse elsewhere – simple!


Now you’re familiar with the world of ‘Instagrammers’, go and try it for yourself! As an agency, we specialise in a breadth of marketing strategies, so if you’d like a helping hand, get in touch by clicking the button below.