Amazing Adobe apps you may not know

May 22, 2019
Amazing Adobe apps you may not know

Adobe has been at the forefront of creative technology since the birth of digital design. Always pushing the boundary and pioneering new creative technologies for designers. With trends and creative habits changing within the creative industries Adobe have created several new apps designed for today’s modern designers.  

In this blog we will be giving a quick summary of some Adobe’s latest apps and our favourite programs here at Cunning Plan.   

Adobe XD

XD stands for experience design. It’s for UI & UX designers…prototyping tool. Set up art boards with standard a most commonly used IOS, Android and website dimensions. Basic drawing tools but you can copy and paste graphics from illustrator & photoshop.

Adobe XD has similar design capabilities as Photoshop and Illustrator but where it really excels is in the prototyping of UX & UI designs. In ‘Prototype mode’ your able to add interactive symbols, icons and images that replicate your app or website to show how the user would interact with it.

Once the design and wire framing is done, on compatible devices you are able to enter ‘Live Preview’ mode and experience the app on a mobile device or on your desktop.

Adobe Dimension

Adobe Dimension lets you create photo realistic composites using 3D imagery. Adobe Dimension gives graphic designers the power to design in 3D. Using 3D models available from the Adobe Stock library, designers can build 2D & 3D assets for product shots, packaging designs and branded collateral. As opposed to other £D rendering software such as Cinema 4D and Maya, Adobe Dimension seems to have a slightly different purpose geared towards marketing and product creation for mockups.

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a very powerful photo editing and enhancement software. Where as in Photoshop a graphic designer can manipulate and create pieces of art using layers, effects and the ability to add objects to an image. Lightroom essentially only lets you manipulate whats already in the photograph. It is a powerful way of colour grading a collection of photographs and enables easy ways to organise photography files and save hard drive space.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a package of online graphic tools to help creatives make posts, images or videos for social platforms. Using a variety of templated designs and custom options designers can create social content faster than ever. Adobe Spark is split into three sections. Adobe Spark Post is a tool to help create a wide variety of social graphics. Adobe Spark Page enables designers to create one off web pages.  Finally, Adobe Spark Video gives designers the power to create slideshow videos that can be downloaded or posted directly to social media platforms through Adobe Spark.

Adobe Spark is free for anyone to use. You can sign into Adobe Spark via the Creative Cloud or via the website – Spark is a free service and you can start using it with your Adobe ID or by signing in with your social media accounts.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver CC gives you faster, easier ways to design, code, and publish websites and web applications that look amazing on any size screen. It straddles the line between the very visual wysiwyg web development style and the purely code based style.

Dreamweaver is a website production software. It has some design capabilities but best advice would be to prototype a website within Photoshop and then create it in Dreamweaver.

Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate, formally known as Adobe Flash, is a vector based 2D animation software. Animate allows you to design interactive animations for the web, games and apps. It works on the premise of key-framing and tweeting animations and allows you to quickly publish directly to multiple platforms.