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April Fools Day 2013 Pranks from Google, Twitter and more

Every year we love the selection of fantastic April Fools gags the big companies pull off. We even helped Expansys produce one (and win an award for it) some years ago.

Google’s April Fools Prank – Gmail Blue

So this year, Google kicked things off with Gmail Blue, a promise to revolutionise email by turning the entire thing, you guessed it, blue. Brown was a disaster apparently.

Twitter’s April Fools Prank – Twttr

Twitter has also introduced Twttr, it’s new vowel free version. A snip at $5 per month it will be a blessing to all those people with so little time they feel the need to type ‘pls’ instead of ‘please’.

If you’d like your tweets converted too, view the Twttr Blog Post here.

Twitters April Fools Prank

YouTube’s April Fools Prank – Ready to Select a Winner

In addition to these, YouTube is closing down and Google Maps in introducing a Treasure Hunt overlay!

We’ll keep an eye out for more as the day progresses and do a run down of the best ones tomorrow.