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Best Performing Facebook Pages in the North West


Facebook is a social media platform that has dominated for many years. Since its launch in 2004, it has grown exponentially, with a whopping 2.23 billion monthly active users worldwide. This ever increasing platform has for a long time been used by businesses to market directly to their target audience.

So we wanted to dive a little deeper into which brands are performing well on Facebook right now, specifically in the North West. Here’s our five favourite pages…

LAD Bible

Manchester-based news and entertainment brand, LAD Bible, began their climb to worldwide social influencer in 2012 when they launched their Facebook Page. They started by posting viral videos floating around the internet. From then they grew from strength to strength. They have launched additional Facebook pages to cater for their ever growing market, tailoring them to specific demographics – SPORTSBible for the sports fans and Pretty52 for its female audience. They now have just over 33 million likes on their main page.

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The reason for their success is due to their incredible ability to pick up trending topics instantly and catapult the content in innovative ways. Further to this, they also are able to create sharable content that many of their users world-wide can relate to including memes, entertaining videos and breaking news content.

Tate Livepool

With over 600,000 visitors a year, the Tate Liverpool is one of the largest galleries of modern and contemporary art in the UK outside London. It also boasts the home of the National Collection of Modern Art in The North England. There’s no doubt that they’re a prestigious museum, and so their Facebook must communicate this, while at the same time engage a new generation of art lovers. Their Facebook page now has just over 60,000 likes.

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They do this by posting innovative videos of their exhibits as well as promoting events, exposing their audiences to new artists and discussing trending topics that will keep their viewers engaged.  The content is always interesting, vibrant and exciting – reflecting the content of the museum itself.

Manchester Arndale Centre

The Arndale Centre, located in the city centre of Manchester, is a large and bustling shopping centre with the biggest hughstreet brands behind its doors. It’s one of the most popular shopping areas of the city, capturing over 42 million annual visitors – the highest footfall of any inner city centre. By having such a huge prescience in the city, it is important that their social media presence reflects this and continues to drive shoppers to its many retailers. Their Facebook page has just over 71,000 likes.

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The brands Facebook page is nailing this by keeping their customers updated with a variety of content from all their tenants and happenings around the centre and surrounding areas. However, there is also a community feel throughout the page, which includes UGC in the form of photography taken from local shoppers and tourists, keeping the timeline very unique, quirky and ultimately attractive to viewers.


Boohoo is a national online clothing brand that is based in Manchester. The company has gone from strength to strength year on year thanks to their ability to act on fashion trends quickly and be at the forefront of fast-fashion. Their affordable clothing makes them a leader in the retail industry. Their Facebook page has an incredible 2.78 million likes!

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Their social media is no exception to this. Being a fashion brand, it is expected that they will promote their clothing – which for the most part they do to a very high quality. However, they also incorporate many viral trends happening online to appeal to their social media savvy young target market. This gives them the edge on their competitors, as their irreverent content is highly engaging and entertaining.


From a single betting shop in Salford in 1967 to one of the largest independent bookmakers in the world, Betfred has definitely made its mark in the betting industry. Their image is well respected in the community and their online presence is no different. Their Facebook page has just reached an impressive 183,000 likes.

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Not only do they promote their great deals on betting but to keep the public engaged on their page they discuss relevant news in the media, trending topics and even use quizzes to keep users entertained. All this build the brand in a more relatable and positive light – which is not easy in the betting industry!

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