Branding & Strategy

From research & strategy to creative & implementation we help build brands that tell stories.

Building a brand, scoping out a smarter strategy, mining a new technology or simply bringing an idea to life. It’s part of the Cunning Plan adventure. And adventure and storytelling are the lifeblood of a brand.


An established brand that needs refreshing to stay relevant, or a bold new brand with ideas above its station, the end-game is the same – we’ll tease out a territory and create a rock solid identity that’s strong enough to survive and thrive in the outside world.

Brand Strategy

You’ve got plans for your brand. This is good. We have unique ways to help create, apply and manage your branding. Some clients enjoy being challenged. Others prefer an agency that simply knows the lay of the land, the cut-throughs and clever twists that get them where they want to be faster.

Lego® Serious Play

Bringing teams together, unlocking knowledge and unearthing insights, all with the fun of being a kid again.