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Brands That Are Killing It On Instagram

Brands Killing It On Instagram

So how do you succeed on Instagram? What’s the secret to growing a loyal following and keeping them engaged? The truth is, there are many factors to consider… but if you’re looking for some Insta-inspiration here’s a selection of our favourites, that are killing it!

Air Bnb

Air Bnb’s Instagram profile stands out purely due to the stunning pictures they capture and publish. From gorgeous woodland walks to snow peaked mountains, Air Bnb show the beauty the world has to offer.


As the concept of their brand is exploring the world in all types of accommodation, it allows them to be as creative as they want. They repost pictures from users around the world and credit them in the page. This is a great incentive for the public to participate in as it give them exposure to the page’s 3.3 million followers and give Air Bnb a continual supply of stunning images to post.

Reynolds Kitchen

Reynolds Kitchen is an aluminium foil and kitchen wrap company that may seem like an unusual choice for this list, however they are storming the Instagram game! Their profile is a beautiful Instagram feed showcasing its never ending table with gorgeous food.


This concept stands out due to the way in which they promote their products on an endless table while pushing their brand without going overboard.

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy is an Instagram profile that gives users the chance to share their interior designs. It is an account that is a great source of therapy for those who love the sights of cosy apartments and designs that are eye-catching. 


Boasting a generous 1.5 million followers, this account has effectively managed to gather and photo credit some gorgeous photos while keeping their aesthetic visually breathtaking. The diversity of images keeps the public engaged and inspired.


British clothing retailer ASOS has created a unique way of promoting its clothing by utilising their “ambassadors” to model them. These are stylists that work for the brand, with accounts like @asos_debbie wearing the clothing and promoting the company on their personal pages to create a deeper level on individuality.

By having these ambassadors on their page, it allows ASOS to become more personable to their followers and gives them exposure from the stylists social media pages as well.


MAC Cosmetics

Being one of the largest makeup brands in the world, MAC’s brand identity is regarded highly throughout the industry. This is no exception to their Instagram page. Boasting a huge 9.6 million followers, their profile has proven to be both popular and influential.

What makes them stand out from their competitors is their incredible makeup designs and crediting the genius artists behind them. Their close-ups of show stopping pieces of work is powerfully influential and gives a true vision into the beauty industry. They also “regram” posts from other make-up artists using their products to push their target reach and diversity on their page.

National Geographic 

With an incredible 90.6 million followers, National Geographic is an unlikely king of Instagram. It’s a well known fact this brand captures stunning pictures and video content. But the way in which they describe the stories that go with the gorgeous images is why this profile has become hugely popular.


Each photo is rounded off with an informative caption that aims to educate their followers and gain a deeper insight into the image that has been captured.

If you are looking to take your Instagram to the next level and stand out from your competitors, please contact the Cunning Plan Team.