The brief: launch monqi, a new smartphone for children (7-12 years old) via national media coverage, reviews and blogger engagement.

Monqi was designed to help parents introduce their children to technology in a safe and controlled way and is the first smartphone that can be completely controlled via and app on the parents phone.

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The Challenge

Children and technology is a hot topic, there were daily stories in the press and most of them were not positive! The challenge with monqi was to highlight the product’s USPs and reassure parents that this new phone and parental app was a good way to introduce children to technology safely.

Monqi was an unknown brand and so another challenge was to get cut-through with so many big brands already in the market place.



The Campaign

Media relations was at the heart of this campaign and we started the activity with a launch press release as the product was so ‘new’ with nothing like it on the market.  We set-up product reviews with influential tech writers and consumer media. 

As part of the  launch we also conducted a survey (1,000 children and 1,000 parents) to discover how much children are using smartphones and social media. One of the headline stats was; by the age of 14 children had sent up to 65,000 messages via text and social media!  We used these stats to create a hard hitting press release, which demonstrated the need for parents to stay close and manage their children’s online use with monqi. 


Next Day News

We also worked with a well-known psychologist, Dr Becky Spelman to provide a quote for the press release and produce a guide for parents who were worried about their children using technology. We issued this to the national media to generate next day news.  Finally we produced a light-hearted video – showing how tech savvy young people are today compared to previous generations.  This was  essential to the mix as we know that video content is important to national newspaper online editions. 

The third part of the campaign was blogger engagement.  We worked with a number of influencers, who had children aged 7-12 years old to review the monqi handset and app.   These reviews were then shared across social media channels – creating peer-to-peer recommendations for parents.

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including The Daily Mail, The Daily Express, The Daily Star and The Sun and SKY News
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