Help people find an Epic act for their wedding, party or event.

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Introduce the world to Epic Entertainments, giving the new site instant credibility and trust. Develop a brand and website that made the experience of looking for a band fun (as it should be) rather than a chore. Build a robust CMS allowing the client to control the site and brands to log in, amend details and available.



As a start-up, Epic Entertainments needed to look credible, quickly in order to compete with the already well established competition.

The branding needed to emphasis the fun and excitement of booking a band, rather than trawling a directory of names.

The vibrant mix of photography and illustration created an energetic feel.



The most important element of the website was a robust search engine – visitors needed to find the right band for them, quickly and efficiently, leaving more time for listening!

The aim of the site was to create the feel of ‘auditioning’ bands. Visitors could listen to tracks, watch videos.

The Audition Room, allows users to select only their favorite acts to look at in more detail.

A robust back end was created, not only for managing content on the site, but for bands to log into and update details, tracks and videos.

Bands can also update their availability to ensure that when visitors search the site, they only see bands that are available.



Achieving rankings for a new site, especially on a new domain can be extremely challenging.

A plan was developed to combine modest PPC investment with a robust SEO campaign to deliver traffic to the site.

A focus on quality blog articles, penned by Cunning Plan and Epic Entertainments, was key to the goal of delivering targeted traffic.

Since launch in early 2013, non-branded terms have continued to rise and overall traffic has grown month on month.



As with all branding projects, Cunning Plan created fully branded social media platforms with bespoke cover photos, profile pictures and backgrounds.

To support the launch, a social media strategy was provided to help guide the internal team to deliver the most engaging communications possible.

Cunning Plan also helped to grow the Twitter network, which now sits at over 1200 followers.