For the 2017 Christmas Brochure we wanted to create a brochure cover that literally jumped off the page. We've always been keen to help Hallmark Hotels stand out from the myriad baubles, tinsel and snowflakes that grace the covers of most hotel brochures - and we think this hit the mark.

The Concept

The process began with the idea of producing a top down, image that could also be used as a stop motion animation.

We also created a mock up... 


The Photoshoot

With the help of two very willing members of Hallmark Hotels staff, fantastic studio and our awesome photographer Mark, we spent a day dangling from a hole in the ceiling moving people around like they were Plasticine models.

The Cover

We shot two version of the hero shot - one for the cover of the brochures and another as the main shot for the animation. Although the background was added in Photoshop, the rest of the image was all produced in camera.

The final cover can be seen below.


The Animation

The challenge with the animation was that with a limited budget we needed to avoid hours of post production work on each still. As such every element needed to be moved at just the right increment to create a convincing impression of movement. 

The final animation can be seen below.