Build a brand to convince the UK that 'Gardening' isn't a dirty word.


The aim was to do for gardening what ‘The F Word’ had done for food, making it accessible, fun and exciting to people of all ages and most importantly, reminding people that any outdoor space can be enjoyed. The names needed to be engaging and energetic, not at all stuffy or similar to other ‘garden centre’ brands, whilst still sitting comfortably alongside other established brands.

An extensive brainstorming session resulted in an array of names, which were then narrowed down and visualised. These logos were put to a series of focus groups thoughout the UK, feedback taken on board and a final name and logo developed…



The logo is only the start, the next task was to develop a complete brand for Love The Plot You’ve Got. From colour palette and font usages to the style of photography and tone of voice, everything was considered. A detailed branding document was produced to provide partners, retailers and manufacturers the ability to use the brand on their products or in their stores.



Create a logo and identity for a campaign encouraging gardening novices to give growing a go. The beaning needed to be accessible and fun, appealing to a wide range of people.

The key focus was to present the double meaning on the name. Growing a plan can start with a pot, as does an individuals passion for gardening. The colours and design need to be sympathetic to the outdoor space without looking tired or old fashioned.


The final logo was designed to be relaxed and loose in layout, emphasising the casual nature of the campaign. The aim was to avoid the traditional views of horticulture and emphasis the fun and enjoyment that can be had in the garden.

Colours focused on the outdoor palette, but with a more vibrant look to ensure standout when used in situ in retailers such as garden centres.