A digital marketing campaign which had a focus on growing our social audience and engagement with people in the trade industries.
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The Campaign

We've worked with Progressive Safety and JCB Workwear for many years, but this year we wanted to grow JCB Workwear as a brand. This involved devising a social strategy to match the vision of where JCB Workwear is going. 

We were in need of a campaign that would drive momentum, grow the social following, engageme the audience, and produce interesting and visual content. 

We came up with JCB Heroes, a social campaign to search for the unsung heroes who are tradespeople by day but volunteer in their spare time for worthwhile causes such as RNLI, Fire Brigades & Mountain Rescue.


The Process

We promoted the campaign on our social channels, contacted voluntary organisations, generated press coverage and had Volunteering Matters and NCVO as part of the judging panel.

People nominated themselves or someone they knew to be a JCB Hero, where they would 
receive a clothing sponsorship from JCB and an award.

With over 30 worthy entries, we shortlisted it down to our super 7, who we each created a graphic for, so that our social audience could then vote for who they deemed the most heroic. The judging panel then took the social votes into consideration when judging each hero's application.



The Winner

In the end, we chose Steve, a joiner who volunteers for Woodhead Mountain Rescue who we spent a day with on one of their rescue training exercises, to produce a short film.

We devised a storyboard to create a dramatic video that would tell the story of both Steve as a joiner and as a volunteer. We planned two shoots with our videographer, the first filming a dramatic rescue training exercise on a snowy day up in the Sheffield hills with Woodhead Mountain Rescue. 
The second on a construction site in Sheffield City Centre. 

Both shoots took concise planning to ensure that we got all of the content needed for when it came to the editing suite. Our in-house editors sorted through the hours of footage to create a slick-looking documentary-style short video, along with a really cool looking intro video to be used on social media. 

JCB Heroes Video Shoot

The Final Piece

This campaign had a great story behind it and it was really interesting to see the difference that these people make. 

The two videos have been promoted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube and have gained a combined total of over 15k views so far.

We were thrilled to work on this exciting campaign with JCB Workwear and hope to continue it annually. 

Watch the final film at the bottom of the page.

A pleasure to work with

"James and the team at Cunning Plan exceeded all expectations with incredible creativity, photography direction and flawless management of the project from start to finish. They are a pleasure to work with and we look forward to continuing working with them for many years to come"
Joanne Dyson, Marketing Manager, JCB Workwear