Photoshoot and brochure design for the clothing brand of the UK's No.1 construction company.
Since creating the JCB Workwear identity back in 2009, Cunning Plan has been developing the brochure and photography for the brand. For 2017 /2018 we introduced three new workwear ranges as well as an e-commerce website. 
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The Project

We've worked with Progressive Safety and JCB Workwear for many years, but this year we were briefed to really take it to the next level. The key objective was to take JCB Workwear and make it more of a brand that could rival the likes of Dickies, Scruffs and Snickers.

JCB is such an iconic brand in the UK and internationally, but its workwear line is not as high-profile. This year we worked with the team at PSF to brand three new workwear ranges and launch a new e-commerce website as well as a new brochure.



Refreshing the look and feel every year, whilst keeping it in line with the strong branding of JCB is our challenge. This year was no different and we wanted to take a completely fresh approach to the design. We worked with JCB's internal design team to agree on an entirely new format - moving to a square brochure with die-cut cover. We had three new ranges to promote, so this was the core design layout of the brochure. 

The key concept was to create an effective cover image built in three locations with three different models, to create one seamless image. In each section, we aimed to make it more fashionable, with 'get the look' concepts and isolated products using professional and flawless photography.

Once the concept stage is finalised we got stuck into producing the brochure. Ensuring each and every product has a chance to shine is key, and working closely with the client to make every page a winner.



Getting the photography looking amazing was vital to the overall aesthetic of the JCB Workwear brochure design.

Working with Boss Model Management, we casted three models, each one carefully chosen to suit the three different ranges; Essential, Trade and 1945.

Along with our photographer, we found three very different yet interesting locations. The first, a working building site in Manchester City Centre, the second a restoration housing development in Knutsford, and the third was the interesting foundations of a new build, also in Knutsford. 

With a brand like JCB, the look and feel of each shot is vital. The art Direction of the shoot is essential to ensure we achieve the right look. Lighting, pose and camera angles are all components that need to be taken into account so that the client is happy with the final outcome.


The Final Piece

Once our design team were proud of the new design, we sent it over to JCB to get the seal of approval, ensuring it was perfect before being delivered to JCB Workwear's customers.

We believe this to be our best JCB Workwear brochure yet. We are immensely proud of the finished article and being involved with one of the UK's largest brands.


A pleasure to work with

"James and the team at Cunning Plan exceeded all expectations with incredible creativity, photography direction and flawless management of the project from start to finish. They are a pleasure to work with and we look forward to continuing working with them for many years to come"
Joanne Dyson, Marketing Manager, JCB Workwear