Photoshoot and brochure design for the clothing brand of the UK's No.1 construction company.
Since the creation of the JCB Workwear brand, Cunning Plan has been developing the brochure and photography for the brand. For 2016/17 we introduced a new range of wax jackets and a new look to the brochure design.
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The photography played an important part in the overall look and feel for the JCB Workwear brochure design. We brainstorm the best scenarios to showcase each product, scout locations and select models. 

With a brand like JCB, the look and feel of each shot is vital. Art Direction of the shoot insures we achieve the right look, lighting, pose and angles so that the images are signed off by the JCB brand. 

No imagery goes to waste; we know exactly what images we are want to achieve before the shoot so we don’t dilly dally around wasting anyone's time... or money!



Refreshing the look and feel every year whilst keeping it in line with the strong branding of JCB is our challenge. We work up a variety of concepts utilising the photography we have produced and work closely with JCB's internal designers to get the concept agreed.

Once concept stage is finalised we get stuck into producing the brochure. Ensuring each and every product has a chance to shine is key, working closely with the client to make every page a star.


Final Piece

Once the brochure had recieved the JCB seal of approval we're ready to send it out into the world.

We're always emencly proud of the finished article and it's great to be involved with one of the UK's largest brands.


A pleasure to work with

"James and the team at Cunning Plan exceeded all expectations with incredible creativity, photography direction and flawless management of the project from start to finish. They are a pleasure to work with and we look forward to continuing working with them for many years to come"
Joanne Dyson, Marketing Manager, JCB Workwear