Create a bespoke site in which content can be broken down and split across digital channels and online advertising that correlates with one another and to portray the rebrand in an inviting and welcoming fashion.
The re-branding was carried out on all levels; our team being in charge of the new website design, social media, pay-per-click, online advertising.  
A contemporary and distinct rebrand design that incorporates the essence of Angel Central was created.
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Retaining Traffic

The biggest challenge with launching a new website on a new website address was to keep the rankings on Google and not lose the work that had been carried on the former website for years. 

Google says that in a situation like this, the business loses 15% of their work. By the way we handled this, we managed to grow the business and bring more traffic and followers and not lose any ranking.


New Blog

We launched a new blog website with the new website address on and we wrote articles dedicated to fashion, entertainment, dining and local issues in the N1 postcode area in London. 

We optimised the content to attract more people to the website and engage with local bloggers. We organically grew the visitor traffic by creating fresh new content, relevant to our customers.

This tactic brought the name Angel Central to the customers' attention months before the launch day and started to raise awareness a long time before any activity on social.


Social Media

Social media campaign focused on raising brand awareness and engagement, generate new followers, promote upcoming events and competitions.

We did this by sharing a mix of relevant links, blog posts, and engaging content; engaging with influencers and building amplifier networks.

As part of the social media campaign, we also used advertising on Facebook and Twitter targeted to the Islington area. Their objectives were firstly to grow the awareness of the name change (and ultimately make customers aware of the name of the place) and secondly to promote the events on the Launch Day.

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