Bring the most useful document for any car owner into the 21st Century.
The clever people at Manc Frank came up with the idea to develop an interactive car manual for the new Nissan Micra. Cunning Plan was approached to turn the idea into fully functioning reality.


The first challenge was to develop a piece of software that could accept the upload of an image from a phone’s camera and identify the icon.

Working with our dedicated App development team, we were able to create a platform that would form the basis for the app. Each icon needed to be ‘taught’ to the system so that it could recognise it from hundreds of real-world photos of the Micra car dashboard. We spent a lot of time, sitting in a car making different lights come on!



Following the competition of the Visual Identification Software, we set about building the app that would utilise it.

The app also included the complete 270 page manual, which also had to be coded and converted for the app.

The app was developed for iOS and Android and launched simultaneously into both App Store and on Google Play at the time of the new Nissan Micra launch.