Create a hub to bring students, parents and teachers together.

The site needed to deliver on the exacting design, across all monitors, screens and browser versions (even IE7!). An intricate robust content management system was a must to allow various members of the faculty to keep the site current and interesting. It should be easy to navigate and dynamic but professional, serving the communication needs of the college and easy to update by the staff.

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Paul Simpson designed a web layout that ensured consistency across the school’s entire brand and established a sense of trust and transparency. The design uses big images, built around the black and red colour palette with a white background for a modern feel, offering glimpses of the student life with events, celebrations and achievements… and of course of studying.

As it was an education sector web design, the challenge was to translate this intricate design into a website that would still look as great on any screen, from mobile phone to wide screen TV and function correctly across all browsers going back as far as (the nearly 10 year old) IE7. With meticulous attention to detail and collaboration from both designer and web developer, this was achieved and the site looks all the better for the detail included.



The website was built with the St. Joseph’s faculty team in mind. It needed to be extremely flexible, allowing the team to not just edit text, but add new sections, develop menus, link downloads and more – but it needed to look clear and intuitive. The members of staff are able to login and update any information on any page that is currently active on the website, following extensive training so the front end remains consistent and in line with the leading design.