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Creating Email Signatures in Lion

New company name, new logo, new site – next up new email signature. This poses something of a challenge in osX Lion, but having solved the mysteries I thought I’d share my findings.

First up, get back the Library

Apple has descided we don’t need access to the Library folder, we’d probably only break it, so it’s for our own good. Not to worry, you can get it back.

Open up terminal (just type ‘terminal’ in the spotlight search) then enter the following command:

chflags nohidden ~/Library/

Create a temporary signature

Open up the Mail.app and head to ‘Perferences>Signatures’

Click the + symbol and create a temporary signature for the mail account you’re going to use

Close down Mail

Next up Make your new Signature

The best bet is to do this in your HTML editing software of choice. Make sure you host images on your site and link them in, rather than attaching them. Finally, use only inline HTML coding – doctype, head or body tags won’t work in Lion.

Once you’re happy with the signature, save it as an HTML file.

Create a Web Archive

Open your newly-saved html signature in Safari. Head to file>save and choose to save the file as a .webarchive

Import your signature

Now it gets a little complicated.

Go to User>Library>Mail>V2>Maildata>Signatures – and using the preview (space bar) view each of the randomly named files to figure out which one is your temporary signature.

Click on the file, then click again to highlight the file name. Hit CMD C to copy the name. Then delete the file

Head back to your signature file, highlight the file name (except the .webarchive but) and hit CMD V to replace the file name with random numbers & letters

Copy the file back into the User>Library>Mail>V2>Maildata>Signatures folder

Check it works

Open Mail back up and head into Preference>Signatures and check that your new signature is there


That’s it, you’re done. Enjoy your fabulous new signature.