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Facebook Deactivates Page Merges In the UK

Facebook Page settings changed it’s functionality several weeks ago for many admins with most welcoming the introduction of new features such as Topics and Age restrictions. Facebook has mainly updated the overall design of Page management settings, rather than changing its functions. For instance – you can no longer change an app widget picture through the ‘back end’ of the page settings. You can now change them only through the drop down – edit – option.

cunning plan facebook page merging


Along with all the good things that came with Facebook changing the page settings panel, problems have also arisen form it.

The is particularly an issue for those Admins who run Facebook Places  (a page where users can check-in to a specific location).

Mainly because, like Cunning Plan, if you manage leisure venues on Facebook, the chances of places being duplicated are extremely high as users can create a Facebook place just by using their smartphones.

cunning plan facebook mobile

Monitoring these places on Facebook is valuable in terms of re-marketing to the visitors who ‘Like’ the page.

Currently all we see as Admins is the merge page option, however even if we have 2 pages in the same location with the same name, we still do not see them show and the save feature is disabled at all times.

Facebook Settings Highlight

So investigation? Well, currently Facebook hasn’t responded to anyone who has tried contacting them. One Facebook page manager suggested that it works in the USA but unless you have a USA IP address then there is no chance of merging pages until Facebook sorts this themselves. We also tried routing through a US proxy but this didn’t work either…

Come on Facebook the UK is waiting!