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Improving Facebook Status Visibility: A Guide to Edgerank

So, you may have noticed that your Facebook top news feed sometimes misses off certain updates. This is great news for everyone fed up of reading about someone they once met’s latest run or what they had for tea, but bad news for those of us that want to market products and services.

Why it exists

When anyone logs into Facebook, there are usually way more updates for a user than can fit in the ‘top news’ section. Facebook wants to make sure you only see things that are most interesting to you and wants to cut out the spammy posts. Enter: Edgerank.

About Edgerank

Basically, every post on Facebook is an object and every interaction with that content is an ‘edge’ – hence ‘Edgerank’.

Edgerank is determined by the following algorithm:

Popularity x Relevance x Recency = Edgerank

  • Popularity means how many likes, clicks, shares or comments
  • Relevance relates to the pages’ relationship with the users – how interactive have previous posts been for that page
  • Recency is all about how fresh the content is – the older is gets, the less likely it’ll show up.

What to do about it

It’s vital that digital marketers understand how the algorithm works so that we can write posts that engage your audience. If we raise our Edgerank with engaging posts that people interact with, we’ll have a better chance of people seeing our ‘2 for 1 on sausages’ marketing posts.

The people at PostPlanner have produced a very useful Infographic that includes some fine examples of posts that will help deliver great Edgerank.


Facebook Marketing - Edgerank Infographic