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Is Email Marketing Dead?

Apparently it’s been coming for years. Email marketing is on the way out and it’s time for you to start focusing on social media to drive people to your website and to engage with your brand. Funny though, how most of this advice was coming from social media companies, social media apps and those who work in social media. Is email marketing dead? Nope. Has it changed a lot in the last year? Yes. Just because the landscape has changed, doesn’t mean the market is dying.

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The Numbers:

Let’s start with the facts, of the people who use the internet, more people will send an email (90%) once a month than will use social media (74%). So just starting from a factual stand point, email is certainly still very popular amongst the online population. If we dig into what those stats represent as well, you can start to pick holes in the social media stat. It’s 74% of people using social media, not 74% of people using Facebook or Instagram. It’s a number representing all the networks and that’s a big problem for a brand trying to communicate with its audience. An email audience is in one place and easily communicated with. A social media audience is segmented across different platforms and different styles of communication, meaning different advertising styles and different messaging techniques. With email, you have your audience in one place and you can segment them depending on what you’re communicating. 

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Email is also much more reliable if you’re planning how to use your marketing budget. Your social media ad is at the mercy of so many factors: algorithms, time of day, budget. An email doesn’t face the same issues, and it lands in an inbox, not on someone’s timeline. An inbox is personal, people will decide if they want to read your email or not. If you have segmented your audience effectively, then this should lead to a click through. Facebook understand this with their messaging platform being a prime focus for the last few years, because a message in an inbox is more personal and effective than an ad amongst others. However it still isn’t on the same level as an email. According to the team over at Campaign Monitor, 59% of marketers still recommend email as the best way to generate ROI. 


GDPR. Those intimidating four letters are not a negative! Yes, GDPR changed how we, email marketers need to communicate with our audience. However, GDPR has made the data we do have and the data we now collect far more engaged and receptive. Users we are communicating to want to hear from us, they will engage with us and the results will be more positive in the long run. There’s less danger of having a segment of people who signed up but never engaged. This also means the segments we can create will be more effective too. Personalisation has always been key to effective email marketing, and with better data now being collected this will only become more vital. 

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What Next?

If you have email marketing as part of your strategy currently, but it isn’t as focused as the social media platforms, it might be time for a rethink. Social media is a fantastic platform for reaching audiences and communicating your brand to new people. Email shouldn’t be forgotten however if you’re looking for a return from an audience in terms of engagement and purchases. There are so many way to reach your audience through email, it’s worth putting some time into finding out how. Of course, if you don’t have the time, and who does? We are here to help. We can help you make email marketing effective for your business, so drop us a line and we’ll get to work!