Podcast EP.9 – The future of social media

March 28, 2019

Welcome to episode 9…

What’s the future of social media looking like, you say?

Well, the Cunning Plan podcast is back, and we’re here to inform you on the essentials points surrounding the future of social media. In this podcast, we cover future trends, private marketing, the effects of the Facebook Cambridge Analytica data scandal, the dreaded GDPR, social media bots, and how you can get ahead of these trends.



The future of social media is always a key issue for marketing departments, we discuss where we think it will go after listening to several experts give their predictions. The growth of secure data and people wanting to keep their profiles private will make advertising harder for businesses, but of course there are ways to adapt. Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger provide perfect platforms for more bespoke, but private advertising.

Facebook Messenger advertising will certainly become the next big target for advertisers. Bot creation is becoming much easier, with new tools allowing anyone to create interactive adverts, the messenger platform is the next area for advertisers to target over the next year.

Organic reach is dead. Or so we were told. It’s a bold statement but Facebook are making it harder for regular content to hit timelines without it having advertising budget behind it. Without a paid strategy, most advertisers will struggle as the monetisation of Facebook increases to the point that organic content simply won’t perform beyond your own audience.

Join us next week for episode 10, where we discuss the future and benefits of virtual reality, augmented reality, and live streaming.