Graduate Jobs: Are ‘Entitled Millennials’ ready for the workplace?

Podcast #17

Today we’re joined by David Edmundson-Bird, Digital Marketing Principal Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University, some may know him on social media as the Groove Generator!

We cover some super important topics in this podcast that we’re sure a lot of you can relate to. What to expect? Well, do millennials really live up to their ‘entitled’ reputation? Working for free, what companies can do to get the most out of their staff, and most importantly, what do business’ need to do to ensure they employ the right graduates…

Quick disclaimer – we’ve tried something a little different with the editing this week, we wanted this to flow as freely as possible whilst keeping it to the point, so apologies for any jump cuts! Nevertheless, this is an important topic that’s widely spoken about, which is why we thought it important to speak to David and cover all sides of the debate, so please do let us know what you think. Enjoy!