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The Cunning Plan Facebook app that secretly tells you who to buy for and how much to spend

Secret Santa has become the way to give and receive gifts without spending a fortune so we’ve launched a new Facebook app to help organise your festive gift giving.

The best thing about Secret Santa is that, because each person in the group is randomly assigned to buy for one other person, each ‘Santa’ only has to buy one present, but everyone in the group gets a nice – or sometimes not so nice – surprise. And then there’s the added bit of fun of trying to guess who has bought for you!

That’s why it always seems like a good idea, as long as you’re not the one who has to cut up little pieces of paper, put them in a hat and pick them out, email everyone in the office and then deal with the inevitable moans from whoever finds it awkward buying a pressie for the boss. This new free app does all the work so that everyone in your group gets an email with who to buy for and a budget.

All the Secret Santa organiser has to do is enter everyone in the group’s email address and a budget into the app, available atwww.facebook.com/CunningPlanMarketing, and this clever bit of technology will do the rest so that everyone then receives an email with the name of the person they should buy a gift for and the maximum amount they’re allowed to spend.

Garry Lee, COO for RedEye, global email and website optimisation company, has just used the app and comments: “Cunning Plan’s Secret Santa app is brilliant because Secret Santa can cause as many problems as it solves when you get people moaning about getting someone who is difficult to buy for.

“Due to the fact that this app is totally random and really easy to use, everyone knows who they’ve got to buy for, and also that they’ve only got a computer to blame if they’re not happy!”

Cunning Plan’s Secret Santa facebook app can be used for any size of group, so whether it’s just a small immediate family or a large company department log on and now and have yourselves an ‘appy Christmas.

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