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Digital Marketing for Shopping Centres

We love shopping centres at Cunning Plan.

We love the tenants, we love the customers, we love the landlords and asset managers – and we especially love the Centre Managers. Centre Managers are a unique breed of individual, able to deftly jump from planning a 12 month marketing calendar to fixing fire alarms or stopping a flood in the toilets. Having worked with over 20 shopping centres across the uk in the past 10 years, we have a great understanding of how digital marketing can help grow the audience of a scheme, increase footfall and support tenants.

Shopping Centre Web Design

The first thing you need is a great website. Having well populated social platforms is all well and good, but your website is the best place to drive traffic, promote events, add offers, advertise jobs and much more.

We develop great value websites for shopping centres that can be easily managed in-house by the team with user-friendly content management systems. They allow for a variety of functions and are fully customised to your specification. This is not an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution - it’s a bespoke design, because we know each centre is different - and we believe your website should reflect this.

We can provide hosting, security and ongoing support to ensure your site keeps pace with the changing technologies and developments.

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Social Media for Shopping Centres

Once the website is looking tip top, its key to engage your audience on social media. We don’t apply a broad brush approach here either - Cunning Plan can help you identify your audience and pin down exactly which networks will work best for you.

We work with your team to develop a tone of voice document and social strategy that can be used internally, or we can manage your week-to-week content for you.

We know that creating fantastic content is vital to delivering a great social media plan, so we help do that too. We visit schemes, conduct interviews with staff, tenants and people in the local area to create interesting, engaging photos, video and articles that help drive traffic to the website and people into the stores and restaurants.

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Content Marketing & Search Engine Optimisation

In order to drive traffic to the website it’s crucial to create longer form blog content. These can be gift guides, local attractions, interesting facts and much more. We produce all kinds of content from videos and photography to podcasts and traditional written blogs. Our team of content creators will delve into the local area and unearth facts that even the most local of locals will find surprising and ultimately sharable.

The content is then technically optimised, checking for metadata, key phrases, alt tags and all manner of other things you’d rather not bother yourself with. All this helps to ensure the articles have the best chance of being read and ultimately bringing traffic to the website.

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Email Marketing

The arrival of GDPR doesn’t necessarily mean the death of Email Marketing - people still sign up to newsletters and less spam means a better chance of getting your message read by your genuine subscribers.

Cunning Plan has been running email marketing for destinations across the UK for 10 years and we have our own platform that allows for the cost effective sending of emails, simple templates that can easily be amended and sent by the in-house team and robust reporting that allow you to review what works best for your audience.

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Just the Start

We’re really just scratching the surface of what’s possible with Digital Marketing. If you’d like to read more, why not download our eBook ‘A Guide to Shopping Centre Digital Marketing’ – including our 1 hour a day Digital Plan. 

For more information on anything above, get in touch via the form below.