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It’s vast - there’s a digital marketing landscape out there; full of adventure, new ideas to explore, and exciting new opportunities around every corner. There are dangers too, but we’re not afraid. We can outwit them. And we do.

Come with us and we’ll demystify digital and take you to the possibilities – creating engaging campaigns and impressive content that has ROI tattooed on their inner thighs.

Forget smoke and mirrors, we’re all about transparency; we’re refreshingly unselfish with our openness and really do delight in growing business. Digital marketing is murky enough, so the cunning team bring clarity, vision and simplicity to the process.

We don’t so much as point at a pixel before we’ve first fully locked on to your business objectives and end goals. Apart from saving electricity, this ensures that everything we do has an agreed purpose. Then, and only then, do we create: 

  • Relevant and on-brand content that drives targeted traffic
  • Landing pages, white papers and leads to create enriched conversions
  • Heat mapping and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
  • Key phrases that are bang on to take you up the rankings and increase traffic

All the above of course, is 100% measurable.

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Content Marketing

Build content and they will come, but it has to be the top-notch content - valuable, relevant and consistent. The Cunning Plan team of videographers, designers, developers, copywriters, social geeks and gadget freaks are creating and seeding engaging content right now. Need a cohesive content plan? Your first conversation should be with us.

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Social Media

A social media strategy, you know it makes sense. But where do you start? Here's a good place. You may be umming and aahing over your first tweet, or up and running hand-in-hand with an engaged and thriving community - either way a long-term strategy punctuated with short-term tactical planning is imperative to ensure your money is spent wisely and not disappearing down a dark, digital hole.

Cunning Plan offer the whole social media shebang, from tone and guidelines to training and support on the web's most popular platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. We'll bring insight and analysis to the party, as well as content planning, social media advertising, conversation and community management.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Let's get you swimming with the big fish using smart and intuitive SEO. No-one likes a shy or retiring brand, so we recommend a long-term, content-led approach. We'll build an understanding of your products, services and audience and then show you where we can make improvements with content strategy and content marketing. With Cunning Plan's education and training you'll not only start seeing real value for money, but also have the joy of watching your business or brands grow in stature. Arise, and reap the rewards.

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PPC? It's in our DNA. We're dab hands across platforms like Google Adwords, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

One size does not fit all, so you can decide how much of your budget to allocate per day, week or month, controlling how much you pay for each click. And because we manage and monitor each campaign you can see where (and when) your money is working hardest.

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We’ll buff up your data, declutter your brand's outbox and give you the inside track and tools you need to create email campaigns that create click-through.

No self-respecting brand ever looked good nestled in between Ivana from Lithuania's missive and a hot offer on enhancing facets of your physique. We'll make sure that won't happen.

We use a proprietary email marketing system to maintain the security and integrity of one the most flighty of creatures; your potential customers. Their data is sacred, we'll keep it that way.

You want results, and we want to give them to you - real-time click-through rates (CTR), most popular links, who’s opening your email, where and when, all in a delightfully digestable form.


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