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Don’t settle for spam. We create email marketing campaigns worthy of subscriptions that get the click-through you desire. It’s all about strategy. And a Cunning Plan, of course.

Top Email Marketing Manchester

Email marketing is one of those things so difficult to master – like finding that perfect temperature on a dodgy shower. You need to get it just right or it’s no use even trying. Just get out the shower. The team at Cunning Plan are experts in getting email right. We’ve had years of practice to learn, refine and put into action all that we know about email marketing. Now it’s time you use our knowledge to your advantage.

Tailored Emailing

Whatever your budget and however many people in your database, we offer email marketing services for every business. We’ll chat with you, find out your aims and what might be holding you back. You can’t just roll out the same plans for everyone, so we don’t.

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Email Segmentation Strategy

Not everyone wants to hear about the same news or are interested in the same products. Even if they’re already under the label of ‘your customers’, you can’t just send everyone the same emails. We have tools that allow for email segmentation. We split your address database into groups – such as age – and send different emails to each group. It’s all about knowing what your audience is interested in. We know.

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You can easily increase opening and click-through rates by personalising emails. This could be as simple as addressing the recipient by their name, or using tools to recommend products based on recent purchases. Everyone likes to feel special. It’s up to you to make them feel that way.


Template Design

Our talented content marketers can write you up an email script that’ll gain interest and drive traffic. They know how to produce content specifically with email in mind, focusing on research-based evidence of what readers want. We can give you templates that you can adapt for easy email marketing.



We use marketing automation to track your customer’s journey and use emails to move them forward. We gather information on them so that they receive the emails they want, push them in the right direction (learning more about your company, coming to an event, buying a product – you get the idea) and keep them coming back to you for more. We’ll send them information we know they want by keeping tabs on their customer journey. Clever!


Analyse your Data

How do you know what to improve if you don’t have data? You don’t. We analyse all important data for your email marketing, from your click-through rates to conversions, who’s opening your emails and which links are the most successful. We’ll take all of this and continuously help you to improve until your email marketing strategy is flawless.


Our cohesive service is great for both email-marketing newbies and brands who need their strategy’s shaking up. We can create real traffic and leads through the power of an inbox, and we’re just waiting for you to ask us to do it for you – so ask!