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Inbound marketing is about getting customers to come to you. 

It’s a non-intrusive approach that relies entirely on informative content. Empowering customers to come to you by choice, and because they liked what you had to say.

Customers become engaged because your content was helpful, and this makes them want to know more about you, and what services you can offer them.

This also increases the likelihood that they will not only become a customer, but a loyal one. It’s this type of customer who will actively promote your brand, and attract others to your business.

This is the inbound marketing life cycle.


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Share it, and they will come.

All you need now is as experienced team to make it happen.


We’re experts in engaging content, let us elevate you to marketing greatness.

We know that successful inbound marketing starts with quality content. This is the key to attracting potential customers to your business, and it’s how we’re going to drive natural traffic to your site.

As partners of HubSpot, we know the following steps are key when it comes to inbound marketing:

This essentially shows the journey customers take, from reading your content to becoming customers who promote your business. We’ll help you attract and then delight your customers.

The first, and most important part of your marketing journey, is to attract new people to your website. Naturally, and without the hard sell. You can’t have fans if you don’t have customers.

We do this by creating amazing content. Content we know customers want to consume; by covering the topics they want to know about, answering the questions they’re likely to ask.

Now, it’s all very well having content, but how are your customers going to find it?

Creating content is a specialty of ours, and we know how customers like to search for that content. 

We publish your articles in the following formats:

Content Writing

By far the most popular source of information for customers, and the easiest way to publish helpful content. Blogs are one of the first places people go to find answers.


We carefully analyse the most prominent keywords used when customers search for information and use these to help build relevant content. Optimising your content for search engines, and making it easier for potential customers to find.

Your Website

This is what all your marketing has been leading up to. We ensure the content is engaging and written with a voice matching your brand. Making sure you have a suitable call to action to prompt customers when needed.

Social Networking

One of the most effective ways to communicate with your customers directly, across the whole marketing lifecycle. A key tool in turning existing customers into fans.

We channel your content to the platform most likely to reach target customers. Making sure it’s your content that’s informing them, and not the competitions. From there it’s human nature that they’ll want to see what else you can help them with. Creating natural traffic to your website. All because of targeted content.

It’s here that our team of wordsmiths make sure your website says the right thing, and keeps the customer engaged. Making sure you have your call to action to prompt the customer into what to do next. For those who aren’t ready to seal the deal just yet, we need to obtain contact details. How do we do that? We know people don’t like to hand over their details willingly, so we offer them something in exchange. Information that we have carefully designed to have maximum appeal.

The following formats are generally what we would recommend:

  • Tips and tricks articles
  • Guides relating to your business area
  • eBooks
  • Whitepapers

Once the customer has supplied contact details, the content becomes available. Free of charge.

This allows an opportunity to follow-up with potential customers, and convert a simple lead, into a willing customer. By this point the customer already has a degree of trust towards you, and had become significantly invested by the content you’ve supplied. All free of charge, and all relevant to their business.

Remember, they came to you, so we already know they’re partially invested, and you should have little issue converting them to paying customers. 

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We help turn your customers intro super fans!

The steps outlined here are the roadmap to turning strangers into not only customers, but into an extension to your marketing. People who buy from you, and who go on to actively promote you. You need to delight your customers, and then keep on delighting them. Just because you have secured a happy paying customer, doesn’t mean that’s the end of your marketing.


A key part of keeping customers returning is to continually engage with them. Continuing to offer quality content, and additional free information that they are going to find useful. This keeps your customer coming back, and makes sure they continue to actively promote your business. Our inbound marketing team will continually analyse your customer trends, identifying their requirements, as and when their priority’s shift. Keeping your marketing on point, and relevant.


This is done through a variety of tools, all at our disposal. Everything from Surveys, to monitoring social media outlets. In our experienced hands, this ensures your marketing is making an impact.

So, are you ready to work with an exceptional inbound marketing agency?


We believe in what we do. We also love to write content, which is just as well, being an inbound marketing agency. There’s no substitute for experience, and the Cunning Plan team have boatloads. We know how to create content, and how to establish an outstanding marketing campaign.


We love what we do, and believe a marketing agency should have a little personality. We’re a team of individuals. We’re quirky, adventurous, and passionate about what we do. We know people, and that’s the true secret to successful marketing. Knowing how to engage with an audience, and knowing how to speak to them as real people. Not a corporate idea.


In a world of information, and short attention spans, it’s quality and engaging content that’s key.

We don’t just want to get to know your business, we want to know the people behind the brand. To work with you as an extension of your own company.

Content and marketing excite us. Let us show you what we can do for your business, and show you the importance of knowing your customer, and how to turn them into super fans.

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