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Not all pictures tell a thousand words, but sometimes you need them to. At Cunning Plan, we integrate photography and marketing seamlessly, allowing our images to colour your content and add life to your words. Without imagery, marketing would be a dull looking place.


Photography isn’t necessarily the first thing you’d associate with marketing. But it should be. It’s up there with written content, video, and all those great selling techniques. Without imagery, the rest of your digital and print marketing is only going to take you so far.

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Cunning Plan offer professional photography services with all the lighting and camera equipment. We can plan, take and edit your images, using top of the range software for retouching and colour correction. Whether you need product photography, social media photography or brochure photography, we can do it all.

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Using stock images is marketing suicide. Why? Because your audience isn’t stupid. It’s so easy to tell the difference between a generic stock image and an actual picture of your staff, products or customers. Stock images instantly reduce your brand's credibility and professionalism. You break down the trust you’ve so carefully built. It’s like taking a sledgehammer to your business. Well, that might be a bit dramatic.

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When it comes to including images on your site, you’re creating a picture of your brand. By using our photography services, you’re completely in charge of that picture. You can lead your customers however you want, showing them your ideal brand identity and even how you want them to feel when they use your product or services. It’s the ultimate manipulative marketing tool and it really works.

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By not including your own photography on your website, social media or ad campaigns, you’re not in charge. Written or even spoken content can be taken in so many different ways, putting your audience in control. That’s not what you want. It’ll also leave a gap in your content. People like images and, when they’re missing, it just looks weird.

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For photography with a professional flair, we’re here to help. We can even make fruit look exciting. And vegetables – and they’re really boring. If you want to know how, get in touch with us today.