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Six Top Tips To Get Followers

Six Top Tips To Get Followers

It’s the age old question everyone asks “How do I get more Twitter Followers?”. Having a large following contributes to how popular and successful your profile is. But it can be difficult for brands to hit the ground running and get the following they desire.

So how do you get more followers on Twitter? 

Tweet, Tweet and Tweet Some More!

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Firstly, your main aim is to keep your Twitter profile active. It may sound like a simple tip but can be an afterthought for a lot of brands. Having a page that tweets regularly will attract people to the profile and can encourage them to engage with the content that is being produced. 

The key with Twitter is a more aggressive content strategy. As Twitter is a platform that continually gets swarmed with Tweets every second, it is crucial that the communication on your page is maximised in order to get noticed.


The timing of your Tweets is another large factor that a lot of people overlook. This is a critical aspect that can make or break your communication with the target audience. It is important that when you are writing up your content plan that you consider when would be the most appropriate time for that tweet to be published in order to maximise the engagement with the audience.

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You find many brands are typically at their most active during weekdays in the early and late afternoons. This is due to people going to and from work and considering the sheer volume of commuters using their phones. Making sure your tweets are covered around peak audience times will be sure to maximise the following on your profile.

Visual Content

It is a well known fact that having images attached with your tweets is a sure way to make your content more attractive looking. This is why brands look to try and include as much imagery as possible in order to gain a greater engaged audience. 

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Although there is nothing in particular that is wrong with word-based tweets, images will be more likely to stop serial scrollers and may encourage them to engage with the content they see. This can even be a blog preview that is designed to be eye-catching.


Hash-tagging is a fundamental part of growing an audience on Twitter. Tweets with at least one hashtag in the content receive 12.6% more engagement than those without them (ref: Sprout Social: https://bit.ly/2rFggg3).

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Hash-tagging some common words can generate a greater reach for your tweet and can potentially communicate with a much greater audience. For example, using #MondayMotivation is a common phrase a lot of brands and individuals use. Your tweet will then appear within this public community. Make sure you hashtags are topical and read well within your tweets or it could make the content messy.


An effective method for growing your Twitter is to engage with profiles within your market. This could be individuals, other brands or relatable news agencies. Interacting on Twitter can come in all forms. You can simply retweet or favourite other page’s content or you can try and spark up a conversation with them.

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By having a profile that engages with others will not only grab the attention of the intended recipient, but could potentially lead to a greater number of users interacting with your profile and even following the page.

Your Profile

Arguably one of the more important aspects of gaining followers in the overall aesthetic of your profile. Having a clear, concise image instantly when someone lands on your profile will be sure to attract more users.

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This can be done through a number of elements. You should consider your profile photo and if it is clear and high-res. Relevant tags in your bio will also give an onlooker a concise description of exactly who you are and what type of content you will be producing on your page. You may also want to consider adding some personality into your profile. Having a page that is quite monotonous and life-less may deter some users to follow you as it feels impersonal.


If you are looking to expand your Twitter profile and gain more exposure and followers, please contact the Cunning Plan Team.