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The Top 25 Most Social Media Active Companies in Manchester – Part 1 (25 to 11)

We all know (or we should by now) that success on social isn’t just about counting likes and followers – it’s all about engaging with our audiences. That said, have you ever wondered who has racked up the biggest numbers in our digitally active city?

Who are the most social media active companies in Manchester?

We thought it would be fun to create a leader board for the most social media active companies that operate from Manchester. Whether a popular bar like Fab Café or an International brand like Vimto, Manchester is home to a diverse selection of companies that are looking to capitalise on the benefits of social media marketing.

We have measured each company on it’s average taken from their Facebook & Twitter following.

25. Ticketline

Founded in 1992, Ticketline is one of Europe’s largest primary ticket agencies, selling millions of tickets for thousands of events each year. Based in the M60 region of Manchester, Ticketline has a dominant following on Facebook. An attractive page, with customized Facebook apps, Ticketline has done a great job at generating ticket sales through social media.

Social Media Active Companies - TicketLine


24. Henri Lloyd

Henri Llyod is possibly one of Manchester’s most famous fashion sportswear brands. Most people don’t even realize that a company, which specializes in sailing fashion and equipment, was founded and still operates today in the industrial city of Manchester. Again Facebook has taken a large proportion of their followers, which is no surprise being in the fashion industry, as it’s easier to communicate visually on Facebook.

Social Media Active Companies - Henri Lloyd


23. Fab Café

Fab Café is a well-known party destination for many revelers of Manchester. Open since 1998, the late night bar has become a mecca for film buffs through its social media channels and continues the theme from physical presence to online engagement.

Social Media Active Companies - Fab Cafe


22. Imperial Leather

Imperial Leather has been part of a Mancunian household since 1939, according to their Facebook timeline. The international recognition for the product has also not gone unnoticed with Imperial Leather also operating national pages for Indonesia (47,000), Australia (11,100) and Mongolia, Ghana and the Middle East.

Social Media Active Companies - Imperial Leather

21. Chill Factore

Chill Factore, Manchester’s Indoor Real Snow Centre, has been a true success since it’s opening in Trafford. It main social following comes from it’s fantastic Facebook Page, with just under 40,000 Likes, unfortunately it’s twitter isn’t as high, but its impressive nonetheless!

Social Media Active Companies - Chill Factore


20. Rosso Manchester

Rosso Manchester has it’s great PR benefits, being owned by Manchester United Footballer Rio Ferdinand. It’s lavish building at the top King Street reflects it’s enormous twitter following of over 40,000!

Social Media Active Companies - Rosso Manchester


19. Co-op

The Co-op is one of Manchester’s most famous brands, with multiple business sectors from food stores to funerals. Many accounts have therefore been created for both Facebook & Twitter. However we have only measured The Co-operative brand pages for these findings.

Social Media Active Companies - Co-op

18. Manchester Arndale

Manchester Arndale sits at the heart of Manchester’s shopping district, with many of the UK’s largest chain stores located inside. Surprisingly their moderately-low twitter following takes them to 18th in the rankings. However with a large following on facebook and over 147,000 people checking in its an impressive result.

Social Media Active Companies - Manchester Arndale

17. The Printworks

We are glad to announce, one of our online marketing clients, The Printworks has made it into the top 20! The Printworks has done a terrific job at generating a very even split  between Facebook and Twitter followings giving each network it’s fair share of attention! A staggering 83,300 people have checked-in through Facebook, which actually becomes the most checked-in venue in Manchester City Centre, when you add up tenants, such as Tiger Tiger which also have 88,000!

Social Media Active Companies - The Printworks


16. Jacamo

Jacamo, operated by Manchester based JD Williams, does a great job on both social media channels. The development of Facebook apps, have certainly been a beneficial factor to their social success. One Facebook app has over 24,000 users!

Social Media Active Companies - Jacamo

15. FC United

FC United Of Manchester, started from a backlash of Manchester United fans less than a decade ago, after the takeover of Manchester United Fc by the Glazer family. Since then the club has improved leaps and bounds. The club is owned 100% by the fans and the community translates through their social media, with FC United’s following rivaling some clubs in the Premier Football League.

Social Media Active Companies - FC United

14. Original Source

Original Source is another famous PZ Cussons brand, and many people relate to that ‘tingle’ feeling, with their shower gel products containing natural ingredients such as mint. A large proportion follow Original Source through Facebook, although not the most appealing or functional of pages we looked at.

Social Media Active Companies - Original Source

13. Manchester Evening News

Not surprisingly the city’s regional newspaper has its largest following on Twitter with over 80,000 followers!

Social Media Active Companies - Manchester Evening News

 12. LateRooms.com

Few may know that laterooms.com is a Manchester based company, founded in 1999 and still to this day based in Salford. LateRooms.com offers a choice of over 55,000 hotels  and the website receives an average of 231,700 unique visitors daily, so they must be clearly on the way to social media success!

Social Media Active Companies - LateRooms.com

11. Parklife Festival

Parklife Festival started as a student festival in Platt Fields Park, operated by The Warehouse Project. This year we saw the festival explode with world famous music artists and over 50,000 people in each day. The social media has been used effectively to generate not just ticket sales, but the overall buzz leading up towards the festival and after.

Social Media Active Companies - Parklife Festival


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