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What is Gamification and How can it help your brand?


To put it simply, gamification is the phenomenon of intertwining fun and an element of competition into a marketing strategy. The idea behind implementing these interactive techniques is to make an emotional connection with a brand’s audience, leading to an increase in not just brand awareness but also brand loyalty.

So, you’ve had a glimpse of the benefits of gamification, and now you’re wondering how to implement this into your marketing strategy? Well, techniques such as contests, blogger give aways, reward systems, or creative games that have a thematic relevance to the promotion of your brand all come under the umbrella of gamification and can be beneficial.


Nike Fuel Band

A great example of this is the Nike Fuel Band and app, capitalising on their target audiences competitive nature, this forward thinking program brings together people of all athletic ability and allows them to track their fitness progress, challenge friends & family, and set goals. 

In return for your participation, Nike offers their users early access to products and events, free shipping, and customised workout routines. Naturally, this is an engaging way of building up a community of loyal and enthusiastic customers who incorporate the brand into their lifestyle.


McDonald’s Monopoly

Another great example of a brand engaging with it’s audience through gamification is McDonalds infamous annual Monopoly game. This promotion dates back to 1987, when a customer buys certain products from the fast-food chain, they receive tickets in return. Each ticket is a collectable and represents a space on the monopoly game board! The goal is to collect all of the pieces to be eligible to win a prize.

Now you’re clear on what gamification is, let’s break down the main benefits of adopting the technique into your digital marketing strategy.

1. Remaining Relevant in Your Industry

The interactive nature of gamification makes your content heaps more sharable. It’s an organic way of getting people involved and engaged, and when it involves a monetised reward, well… you are bound to get noticed.


2. Gathering Invaluable Consumer Insight

Usually gamification platforms require a sign-up process, allowing you to collect information that will be relevant for the future of developing your products/ services. Once you have this information, analyzing who is engaging the most will give you an insight into who you need to be targeting.

3. Educating Your Audience About Your Brand

Releasing a new product? Great, gamification is a creative way to educate your audience before it has even launched. Think of it like giving out a free sample to create awareness, you can design a game to give your audience an idea of how to use your product.


Now you’re clued up and ready to begin brainstorming on how you can grow your audience through gamification. Need help doing so? We’ve got plenty of ideas, get in touch by clicking the button below.