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What’s the best size for an infographic?

Infographics are a clever way of communicating complex data that is visually pleasing, turning stats and information into one bite size graphic. When you consider that visual content produces a 650% higher engagement rate, they’re a nifty way to introduce more shareable content to your social media channels.

Colourful and eye-catching, you’ll have seen infographics on websites and social feeds. Some are long and skinny, whilst others are landscape in format, but what is the optimal size for an infographic you ask?

Well, there’s no simple answer as it depends which media you want to use it for – different media allows different pixel sizes. It’s crucial that you know these before you start designing your infographic, so thankfully we’ve created this simple guide…

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Energizer Mobile Infographic

The basics

Infographic from shutterstock_269928044

When creating your infographic, make sure it’s no more than 600 pixels wide, and a length that does not exceed 1800 pixels. Using these specifications will ensure that your infographic will fit most platforms.

However, here are more specific dimensions for maximum impact.


Pinterest allows you to use a size of 600 x infinite pixels, which means you can make it as looong as you need to!


Facebook is still the biggest social network, so it’s vital that you get the spec right, especially if you have any hope of it going viral! Facebook is quite flexible and allows you to post an infographic with a minimum size of 403 x 403 pixels and a maximum of up to 2048 x 2048 pixels.


The most used infographic dimension on websites is 800 x 2000 pixels, however, you can vary the size as long as you maintain the vertical dimension in order to make it easier on the eye when viewing on a smart-phone.

For more detailed advice on how to create and eye-catching infographic with the share-ability factor, contact the Cunning Plan team.