We’re Hiring

Not one, but two exciting positions need to filled at Cunning Plan Marketing!

How to win with gamification!

Who would have thought that marketing and games would be a match-made-in-heaven?

Facebook to integrate WhatsApp and Instagram: Good or Bad?

If you’ve not heard about the latest Facebook proposed advancement, where have you been?

Why we need to care about meeting etiquette

You’re probably thinking “why a blog post on meeting etiquette, surely everyone knows how to behave in a meeting?”

Social Media Trends for 2019

As with most social media prediction-based blogs, you could argue that the previous year was the most pivotal in how the landscape had changed.

Is cold calling a thing of the past?

For every agency, New Business is an important aspect of daily life, especially for agencies with growth plans.

Compelling Christmas campaign from UK’s retailers

The retailers have well and truly outdone themselves this year on their Christmas campaigns.

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